Tools we use:

Event Plugins

Having a place to list your events is imperative for a church website. The tools below work amazing, and both have add-ons that integrate with Facebook Events as well as pulling in the events you have in a master church calendar via iCal or Google, meaning you don't have to go in an put your events in multiple places, but you can aggregate them automatically if you want.

I also share a my preferred tools for registrations and collecting payments for events. Surprise, they aren't plugins but dedicated event solutions.

Preferred Event Plugins

My go-to for most sites. Visually, it is not a turn-key solution, but if you have a theme with an integration or use a Themer like Beaver Themer or Elementor you can make it look amazing.

  • The standard for events in WP world.
  • Has a non-profit application to get Pro for free!
  • Integrates with my Beaver Builder toolset.
  • Easy to navigate and create with.
  • Great developer community (emphasis on dev).

Free to $89/yr with a-la-carte add-ons.

If they had a developer's license for unlimited sites this would be what I use. Visually it is beautiful to look at. It's pretty well coded. It's the only plugin from Codecanyon that I still actively use. I've been using this plugin for nearly 5 years now!

  • Looks amazing right out of the box. You don't need a 'integrated theme' or PHP know how.
  • Has a great library of add plugins to increase functionality.
  • Add calendar anywhere via shortcode.
  • Beautiful minimalistic design.

$24/lifetime + a-la-carte add-ons.

Handling Event Registrations

I'm all for WordPress, but one thing I've learned is that if there is something that another tool can do a lot better than WordPress then why not use it? Can you handle complex registrations with something like The Events Calendar? Sure! But it takes hours (like, a lot of hours) and money for add-ons to set up and configure. Even then, making it work is a headache!

When I got over my 'NO! I have to do this strictly on the website' mindset my life go easier. Now, I just take the registration URL from Brushfire or PCO and add it to the Event URL field in The Events Calendar. Easy peasy and headache free.

Brushfire is my go-to for handling complex event registrations. I've used them going on three years and they have saved me hundreds of hours. I promise, making this move for registrations is worth it!

  • They build the event registrations based on your specs.
  • You don't have to wait on payouts like you do with Eventbrite.
  • Build in groups, payment plans and other complex options with ease.
  • Brand the page to look like it's part of your website.
  • Don't worry about purchasing all the add-ons and management it would take to do this strictly with WordPress.
  • Processing fees are comparable to any other payment processor.
  • Amazing support. I have made dozens of support and event updates requests. They are answered usually within an hour or two.

I'm a raving fan of Planning Center suite as a whole and I really love PCO Registrations.

  • Allows sponsorships so people can give directly to this without having to go through a giving app.
  • Allows payment plans and deposits. Big plus for expensive events.
  • Ties right in with every other PCO module, keeping the database and flow of info tight and clean.
  • Lets your organize your attendees very well (vans, tables, rooms, and any other grouping you can think of)
  • Same great support that the whole PCO ecosystem enjoys.
  • Awesome reporting that lets you keep tabs on how the event is shaping up.