Tools we use:

Backup Plugins

Few things cause that 'pit in your stomach' feeling like an update that breaks your website or some stray code that gives you the white screen of death. Regular backups give you peace of mind after a catastrophic website collapse or in the event your church gets hacked.

Keep in mind that most hosts offer limited backups (mine offers full backups!) but remember, this is still usually your responsibility.


Updraft is my go to for sure. I researched for a month solid before landing on it as my preferred backup plugin.

Today, I use it for dozens of sites and it gives me a real sense of security. I have Updraft set to automatically backup up sites to dropbox (though you can use others like S3 or Drive) and it lets me migrate a dev site with ease. It backs up on a schedule and also creates a full backup every time a plugin or the WordPress core is updated.

If I were on a budget I would go with Manage WP because of all the other tools available for free besides the backup capability.

Duplicator is literally the only free backup plugin I'd even consider recommending to you.