Tools we use:

Giving Solutions

I'm a firm believer in using the right tool for the right job. So, I'm really sorry if you came here looking for a plugin to facilitate giving. As a pastor I know that functionality through a dedicated solution or ChMS is much better for the church than finding a Instead, I'm going to suggest you focus on a dedicated giving platform, and I want to share a few of my faves.

My #1 Pick

PCO is my go-to for Churches that are using Planning Center as their ChMS. Sidenote, PCO is my favorite ChMS. I love all their modules and I appreciate their a-la-carte approach so you only have to purchase what you need.

  • Beautiful dashboard and reporting to keep a pulse on generosity.
  • Talks to PCO people to let you create workflows around Giving (like sending a letter to a first time giver).
  • Pricing based on the number of donations.
  • Ties into Stripe as their payment processor (we love stripe).
  • Easiest solution I've used to send giving statements.
  • Can now batch process checks! A must for ANY church.
  • Offers a dedicated giving page or embeddable forms to put into your giving page.

I have used Bluefire both in churches and in my personal ministry for nearly 6 years. It is a powerful giving and event registration platform. It is my number one pick for ministries and nonprofits.

  • Secure embeddable form or button for your giving page.
  • Highly customizable giving forms, fields and look. Even lets you customize the HTML to tweak the look with CSS.
  • Solid event registration platform.
  • Easy to use dashboard. Plus, great reporting structure and integrates with your favorite ChMS.
  • Check processing! A big must that is missing from the majority of most major church giving platforms.
  • $ Monthly charge. Just processing fees.

Other Solutions

Bluefire and PCO are definitely my most recommended Giving solutions. But I want to offer a few more as well. My top recommendation would be for Besides that, I recommend a few Church Mngt Systems.

I also recommend a few giving solutions to stay away from. There's not reason to pay exorbitant fees a month just for a giving platform. There's also zero reason a non-profit should be using PayPal to handle donations when there are full service solutions built with a church's needs in mind.

  • Tithely (great ChMS integrations, fully giving solution)
  • Subsplash (solid ChMS integrations plus easy in-app giving)
  • Church Community Builder (ChMS)
  • Breeze (ChMS that uses Stripe)
  • Kindrid (high monthly cost)
  • PushPay (high monthly cost)
  • Paypal (sacrifices org credibility)