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Hey everyone! About a month ago I announced that we would be going into the beta launch for Pastor Blogs, a turnkey blogging platform catered to church leaders. Read about the platform announcement here.

I’m excited to announce that we have entered our beta phase for!

I have worked hard to get the platform and first template ready for you, and it’s now live for you to join the beta! Here’s a few of the perks.

  • Lifetime membership at $10 a month.
  • Roughly 2.5K worth of tools I use on my custom websites.
  • A growing community of other church leaders.
  • A voice into shaping a new platform for church leaders. 
  • Managed hosting, support and care. 

This is just during the beta! Once we’ve worked all the kinks out from your feedback over the next two months we will begin working on more tools such as courses to help you get the most out of your website, online store options built with pastors in mind, tailor made landing pages that fit a church leader’s needs, as well as content to help you be successful and consistent.

Here’s a few images from the website, dashboard, blog editor and page builder.

I can’t wait for you to try it out! Being a beta, you can expect a few bugs and few changes, but after having several people go through it already, it seems clear that most of the bugs have been worked out before the beta began.

Make it better

I need the feedback of all beta users. We want to know what YOU want to see in this platform. Once you sign up and get a feel for things, you can start submitting your feedback, questions, bugs, and feature requests right from your Dashboard.

You can start right now by visiting

Hey guys! I am a church leadership and creative guy living in the Atlanta area with my awesome wife and two kiddos. I've worked on staff with a number of churches as well as traveled full time as a conference speaker. Now, I work full time at The Reach Company helping ministries and businesses tell their story and make an impact online.

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  1. Paul Steinbrueck on March 8, 2019 at 4:57 PM

    Congrats on the launch! Can you clarify who this is for? Obviously its for pastors, but I mean for pastors in what situation? Why would a pastor who wants to blog use this platform instead of using the native blogging in their church website or starting their blog on

    • Andrew Peters on March 11, 2019 at 9:11 AM

      Hey there Paul! I wrote a bit about what’s all in this here:

      A few thoughts on using it versus their church or a basic blog like
      1) I love when churches utilize their blog space! What I find though is that many pastors and leaders audiences go beyond their church. Think of how many leaders you know that you know about them but not really their church? People know Carey Neiuwhof for example, but have no idea really what Connexus Church is. I also hope that this becomes a platform for ministry leaders that aren’t pastoring a church (itinerant, conference speakers, staff pastors, church consultants).
      2) Using the church’s blog focuses the content (when done rightly) around the church. So Nothing wrong with that, but it limits the messaging that a church leader can put out when if you’re going to blog on the church site correctly it needs to be strategically aligned with what’s going on in the church’s discipleship.
      3) Using a blog on something like or Squarespace is great! It’s why I priced this the way I did actually! Pastor Blogs is built on WordPress! If a leader gets his own WordPress site there’s a ton of things that go into it, many of which the vast majority of pastors don’t know or even consider (image optimization, caching, SEO, what tools to use, what’s hosting, are they good, what happens if something breaks). PastorBlogs takes the guess work out of it by being a turnkey option with a curated set of tools that I use on every custom website I build. So for $10 monthly (for beta users) and $20 after launch you get $2500 yearly worth of my tools, managed WordPress hosting, personal support, and site that looks and works great right out the box without worry about all the stuff it takes to actually optimize a WordPress site. 🙂
      4) The Turnkey aspect. If you went with your own WP site, or Squarespace you still have to build the site. With PastorBlogs you can sign up in 5 minutes, use the pages I already have in place, change out my logos/colors/text with your own, point the site towards your own domain, and you’re off!! I wanted to make it as simple as possible to get going. Of course, there aren’t any limits to what you can build. And as I create more tuts beyond the beta you could easily create new pages, landing pages/funnels, whatever you want. 🙂
      5) My great hope is that this becomes a community of blogging pastors. I know one of the things that has plagued me over the years is consistency and community. I hope as we launch that we have a small community that is encouraging and inspiring one another, consistent updates with reminders and blogging ideas, cross posting on other pastors blogs, and showcasing work from the community!

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