Tools we use:

Sermon Plugins

Sermons are a focal point of most solid church websites. The sermon page is often one of the most visited pages for any church. I've used pretty much every sermon plugin for a church that you can! The sermon plugins below below will help you build an functional, eye catching hub for your church's sermons. I also want to share some peripheral tools for sermon management that most of us don't think of till after we need them! 

I have used this sermon plugin on a lot of church websites. I've actually used it on some non-church sites that needed an organized video library. It is hands down my favorite to use right out of the box. 

  • Looks the best right 'out of the box' with no configuration.
  • Doesn't need theme integration to look awesome.
  • Added to whatever page via a simple shortcode.
  • Now has modules with Beaver Builder and Divi.
  • Lifetime license is hard to beat.
  • Exploring the library is easy to users.

You can read a bit about why I love Series Engine on this post. 

Price: $99/lifetime

Hosting Audio

Having a sermon plugin is just the tip of the iceberg. It's debatable these days, but I still maintain that your website (unless you're on some megachurch enterprise plan) is not the best place to host your audio files . I recommend offloading to one of these guys instead.

AmazonS3 just hosts the files.

Soundcloud, Libsyn, Buzzsprout and AudioPod are my recommend podcasting solutions. They host your files and push out your podcasts. For the sermon area,  just drop your audio link into your sermon plugin to display the audio on your site.

AudioPod and OffloadS3 are my go-to solutions for making sure my website is talking to my podcast and Amazon S3.

For video, just upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and use the relevant links to add to your sermon player. No reason at all to have that on your site.

  • 1 AudioPod
  • 2 AmazonS3
  • 3 Soundcloud
  • 4 Libsyn
  • 5 Buzzsprout
  • 6 Offload S3