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Best Podcast Plugin for Churches

What’s the point of having a podcast plugin or media page? The core of what we do as the church is to provide an avenue for people that are far from Jesus to come close, and one of the most effective ways to do that online is by providing a place for visitors to listen to or watch sermons, download study notes, and subscribe to podcasts.

I remember my  utter frustration going through solution after solution trying to find a suitable podcast plugin for our church. I may be a pastor…but these other plugins almost made me cuss. I could not find a good podcast plugin that 1) Looked awesome on our site’s media section 2) made podcasting a breeze 3) integrated seamlessly with the way our site looked and 4) was easy to train our media team to use and maintain. I found all this and more in Series Engine. One thing I love about this plugin in particular is that it is made FOR churches!

This is another instance in which ‘free = crap.’ I wrote a post on how free sites suck, and though the same is not true for a lot of plugins, the most important design features, and the most visible/used parts of your site are definitely worth shelling out some money for.  At $100 this, along with Groups Engine, are the most expensive plugins I have bought. But every person that’s taken the dive that I’ve communicated with says the same thing I do…so, so worth it.

$100 may seem like a a lot for a piece of your website, but when you consider that people pay high end web designers $1000’s to produce the same type of media page, and really let’s compare it to the rest of your church’s budget…it’s not that much. I went through perhaps five other plugins of the free variety before I found this one and have been using it for a year since. It. Was. Worth. It.


I’ll spare you details of reading all the cool things it does here and just ask that you will visit their site to see for yourself. While you’re there, make sure to sign up to try before you buy on their demo site. I’ve also linked a few ministries here that are using this awesome podcast plugin right now: Tony Morgan Live, Longhollow Baptist, and Emmaus Church.   If you are using this podcast plugin let us know in the comments below!



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