Create a Better Staff Area

On nearly EVERY website I build the staff page is in the top five most visited pages, just after home, plan a visit, and messages. I would think this means that we need to give very special attention to displaying our staff in a meaningful and clean way. In the video I give an overview…

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Change Your Login Logo and URL

Changing your login logo is not a HUGE deal, but it can be a nice little bit of customization for your brand. I am a big fan on brand continuity, and this is a little step towards a seamless brand for all the staff/volunteers that use your website on a regular. Are there plugins to…

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[WP Basics] Set Your WordPress Home Page

set a home page in wordpress for church

By default WordPress sites are set to display the ‘blog roll.’ Considering WordPress started and mostly still is a place for blogs this makes since. But for churches (and most organizations that aren’t blog driven), setting your home page is a necessity. While it’s simple to do it’s not intuitive if you’re new to WordPress.…

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