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Hey everyone! About a month ago I announced that we would be going into the beta launch for Pastor Blogs, a turnkey blogging platform catered to church leaders. Read about the platform announcement here. I’m excited to announce that we have entered our beta phase for! I have worked hard to get the platform…

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After 12-ish years of vocational ministry with a ‘web design’ side hustle I’ve turned my full attention to helping churches and pastors reach their communities and level up their online platform. I do that mainly through building custom websites for churches and non-profits, limited coaching on systems and church structure, and now I am also doing it…

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Sermon Manager Pro

This is ONLY an overview of the new plugin. What that means is I’m not going to really dive into a lot of capabilities of Sermon Manager Pro. aInstead this is meant to give a birds eye view of new features, a few neat updates that make SM Pro worth it to me, and a…

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Create a Better Staff Area

On nearly EVERY website I build the staff page is in the top five most visited pages, just after home, plan a visit, and messages. I would think this means that we need to give very special attention to displaying our staff in a meaningful and clean way. In the video I give an overview…

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Change Your Login Logo and URL

Changing your login logo is not a HUGE deal, but it can be a nice little bit of customization for your brand. I am a big fan on brand continuity, and this is a little step towards a seamless brand for all the staff/volunteers that use your website on a regular. Are there plugins to…

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[WP Basics] Set Your WordPress Home Page

set a home page in wordpress for church

By default WordPress sites are set to display the ‘blog roll.’ Considering WordPress started and mostly still is a place for blogs this makes since. But for churches (and most organizations that aren’t blog driven), setting your home page is a necessity. While it’s simple to do it’s not intuitive if you’re new to WordPress.…

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19 Tweaks to Get My Church Found on Google

featured image for 'churches near me' google searches.

Getting your church found on Google is no mean feat. 90,500 That’s how many times ‘churches near me‘ is searched on Google each month. That doesn’t even count how many times people search for ‘churches in {insert your city}.’ But…we are a small church with some huge churches around us. There’s no way we show…

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The Sermon Hub Plugin is Back

screenshot of Sermon Hub WP for Church sermon plugins

If you’ve used WordPress for a church website you know that having an accessible and eye catching sermon library is a MUST. It is usually the second most visited page on the sites I build and always at least in the top five. You probably also know that great sermon plugins are very few in…

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Should My Church Have a Blog

featured image for Should My Church have a blog

In 1997 (you know, the ancient days of the interwebs) a guy named Jorn coined the term weblog. Over the next few years blogging platforms began to emerge and about 10 years ago blogging became the most prominent way information is spread online. With the advent of social media sharing has only gotten easier and…

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